Set the tone of your event decoration with the correct table linen.

In event decoration, table linen provides much much more than the tablecloths you use at home a few times a year. They’re an essential, central part of any well-decorated event table. The right table linen can make or break your table, capable of setting a wonderful foundation in keeping with the tone and theme of your event, meal and conversation.


Ensure you give your event the elegance it deserves by letting us help you choose the right linen.

Linen might not be something you immediately think about when planning your event. But even the most basic linen can make a huge difference, adding a splash of colour and style to otherwise boring tables. At wedding and events by Jan, we offer crisp, clean linen and accompanying swagging in a range of colours to complement your design. We can set each table up for you ensuring a consistent and professional looking finish throughout.

It’s important that the linen matches the overall theme of the wedding, and we can assist you with choosing the right colour, style and presentation of the table linen. There are many different options in fabric type, color, shape and sizes.  By using fabric linens at your event instead of any other table covers, you will get that depth of color that only fabrics can give, plus you will achieve a dramatic influence on the room look.

Pricing Information

Table Runners – Swagging & Skirts

Item Details Price
Table Runners organza/taffeta £3.00
Top Table Swag £25.00
Cake Table Swag

Sequin Table Runners

Top Table skirt led

Cake Table skirt led

Top Table pleated skirt 6ft 12ft 18 ft

Cake table pleated skirt 



From £30.00

From £20.00

From £20.00

From £15.00

Linen Hire

Item Details Price
Small Rounds £5.50
Large Rounds 6ft tables 108” ivory-white-black £6.00
Banquet Cloths 6ft x 3ft 70″ x 144” ivory-white-black £6.50
Napkins white-navy-black-ivory other colours available to order

Sequin Tablecloths available in different sizes please enquire for prices



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