We have a massive range of chair cover colours and styles to choose from.

Chair covers are one of the biggest contributors to your event theme, as their choice of colour and decoration is one of the first things guest see when they enter the room, and with an abundance of colours and styles, it’s one of the most fun things to choose too. We are well versed in chair cover design and can pass our expertise on to you.

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We can help you experiment and be creative with the chair cover design before you make a final decision.

Ensuring your linen blends well together is a fundamental part of your event decoration. If you’ve got ivory tablecloths for example, it’s a better idea to avoid having white chair covers or the white will make the ivory look dirty. However, black and white and black and ivory can often pair up nicely. Our chair covers come in white, black and ivory. We have a massive collection of chair bows and sashes in a range of colours and styles for you to choose from. Our chair covers are made from durable poly-lycra fabric, with reinforced foot pockets.

We often encourage our clients to experiment with a range of colours and test out how they look around a table before making a final decision. Some ideas include a set of harmonious colours that compliment each other, and your theme. It’s also a great idea to have multiple sashes per chair, or even tying a flower into the sash itself. We have lots of creative applications for all our products, which we are always willing to share with you.

Pricing Information

Item Details Price
Fully fitted Lycra cover & colour coordinating sash £2.50
Fully fitted Lycra cover & double sash £2.85
Fully fitted Lycra cover, sash & lace overlay/ hessian sash £3.00
Fully fitted Lycra cover & coordinating hood with embellishment £3.75
Chair cover hire only (including fitting) £1.50
Hood hire only (including fitting) £2.50
Sash hire only (including fitting) £1.25
Sash hire (no fitting) £1.00
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