Your choice of centrepiece will have a massive impact on your event. We’ll help you get it right.

Crucially, the clue is in the name. Few other elements of a wedding or event have a bigger impact than the centrepiece. It is the part of the wedding that is looked and and admired the most (apart from the bride!) It sets the tone for the entire wedding breakfast, as well as the evening party and can help guests navigate easily when including a table number. But there is such a wide range of choice, it can be difficult to find the right design. We have lots of experience in creating stunning looking as well as functional centrepieces which will wow all the guests on your big day.


Important things to consider when choosing and assembling your table centrepieces.

A key thing to remember when choosing a centrepiece is to make sure you know what’s available, and the best ways in which the various components can be arranged. We have all our centrepiece stock in our shop in Bridgend and can talk you through all of the products and styles in person which can be invaluable when deciding on such a key element of your event.

It is also important to consider the implications for your chosen venue, and whether your centerpiece choice is allowed at your venue e.g. are you allowed to have open flames on the table or use elements that are made of breakable glass? Thankfully we have great relationships with many venues around the South Wales area and can liaise with your chosen venue to ascertain any guidelines so you don’t need to worry.

Pricing Information

Globe Bowls

Item Details Price
Single Globe Bowl complete with decoration £12.00
Double Globe Bowl complete with decoration £18.00


Item Details Price
Medium Silver Candelabra £25.00
XL Floor standing Silver Candelabra 5ft Pair £50.00
 large Candelabra 70cm £30.00

Martini Glasses

Item Details Price
Short Martini Glasses complete with decoration £12.00
Twisted Stem Martini Glasses complete with decoration £18.00
Rose Dome Topper – additional cost £6.00
Add Bouquet Arrangement Topper £3.60

Conical Vases

Item Details Price
70cm Conical Vase with Dome of Roses £30.00
70cm Conical Vase with Floral Display £35.00
70cm Conical Vase with Hydrangen & Roses £35.00
Dangle Crystals £5 for 5 strands or £10 for 10 strands

Cylinder & Lily Vases

Item Details Price
60cm Lily Vase with Floral Display £18.00
60cm Lily Vase with Ostrich Feathers £30.00
 Cylinder Vase x3 with Orchids and Floating Candles £30.00


Item Details Price
Suspended Birdcages £15.00
Rectangle Tall Bird Cages £18.00
Hire Price includes the candles and/or silk flowers.


Item Details Price
4ft Rose Trees £15.00 each
5ft Bay Trees £20.00 each
6ft Spiral Trees £20.00 each
4ft Light up Trees £20.00 each
Add Fairy Lights for added ambience £5 per tree

Finishing Touches

Item Details Price
Vintage look large mirror £35.00
Clear or coloured crystals (priced per table) £1.50
Rose Petals (priced per table) £2.00
LED Light to add to centrepiece £2.50
Mirror plate & crystal sprinkles or Tea light decoration £2.50

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